Professional Development Day

For us at Children’s Academy, we honor Election Day by holding a Professional Development Day.  We recognize that closing for the day to our students is not ideal in the moment for families; yet taking this intentional time ultimately strengthens our community and increases our capacity to support each student & family.

As Children’s Academy Staff, here are our guiding principles:

  • Build resiliency and strength in each student to ensure a lifetime of success

  • Establish an individualized and appropriately challenging educational program that supports our students' unique learning styles

  • Expand students' speech & language skills in an atmosphere of success and joy

  • Promote, nurture, and engage meaningful social relationships, because they are central to our well-being

  • Ensure that families feel valued, supported and understood

Today is both about professional learning and personal reflection.  ‘How does my role at Children’s Academy fit into the mission?’  ‘What can I do this year professionally to meet student needs and push them forward toward healthy independence?’  Today is packed with continued learning in all our interdisciplinary domains: academics, speech & language, and occupational therapy.  Staff is eager to share their knowledge while absorbing new information from the professionals around them.

One word that keeps popping up today is “Joy.”  It might not be a clinical term or an evidence-based intervention, but for us it is vital.  We want to keep “Joy” afloat here at Children’s Academy.  We want our classrooms and hallways to be places of success, experimentation, and growth.  A sense of “Joy” is the key.


Our mission statement, read by one of our amazing teachers (on her birthday, no less)