What types of students do you serve?

Children's Academy currently serves students in Kindergarten - 12th grade. We serve students with a range of disabilities. All of our students benefit from intensive speech & language therapy in the classroom. 

Where are you located?

We are located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. CA students come from all 5 boroughs and the surrounding NYC area.

How does Children's Academy's teaching differ from other special education schools?

Children's Academy offers a 6:2:1 classroom ratio, where one of the staff members in the room is a Speech Pathologist, meaning that the child has access to formal speech and language therapeutic approaches throughout the day. We do not have aides or paras, rather every adult is an educator or therapist so support throughout the day is from a speech and language perspective. Additionally, the SLP teaches various academic blocks throughout the day. This means the students are learning specific subjects from SLPs who can work on their speech and language goals. 

Another unique and defining characteristic of Children's Academy, is that we break the children into groupings for all of their academic subjects. This ensures that our students are paired with learners at their level, not necessarily their grade. This is the case for Math, Reading, Language Arts, Schematic Play/Social Skills and OT group. By grouping the children based on their level, the content and pace of instruction is a better fit for each student, and they are not bound to learn based on the skills of students in their homeroom. Also, it enhances self-esteem because no student is "pulled out" of class for a subject, but rather the entire school is moving to their groupings together.  Within this model, awareness of skill differences is less obvious among the students. 

What are your facilities like? 

Come in for a tour and see us in person! E-mail Jordan at jwishner@childrensacademynyc.org to schedule.

CA classrooms are big and bright. Each classroom is equipped with a Smart Board integrated into lessons. Lower grade classrooms have in-classroom bathrooms. Each classroom is also equipped with a one-way observation window. Parents are welcomed to observe their child in class at any time. Students love using our on-site sensory gym -- one of the largest in NYC. Students also regularly take trips outside the classroom -- to the park, grocery store, museums, plays and concerts.

How quickly will I find out if Children's academy can accommodate my child? 

We understand that searching for the best possible school for your child isn’t an easy process. It takes a lot of time, energy, and hard work on your part. That’s why we’ll do our best to let you know as quickly as possible if Children's Academy can accommodate your child. 

Do you provide Financial aid?

Children's Academy does not provide financial aid. However, we do our best to work with families when we can. If you have any questions or would like to discuss financing your child's education, please reach out to Jordan at jwishner@childrensacademynyc.org.

What are 'parent dues'?

Children's Academy's Parent Association collects dues annually from each school family. This agreed upon amount goes towards after school events, curriculum enrichment trips, and other PA needs.

Does CA have a summer break?

Children's Academy operates on a 12-month academic calendar. We believe that continued education over the summer months provides valuable support and enhances progress for our learners.  That said, we have a break both at the end of June and in mid-August.

Does CA accept four-year-olds?

Yes we do!  If your four-year-old is a good fit for our kindergarten class they are welcome to begin before their fifth birthday.

How does my child get to school each day?

Our students arrive by both parent/caregiver drop off and school busing provided by NYC Department of Office of Pupil Transportation.  In order for your child to receiving busing, it must be written in to your child's IEP.