Children’s Academy educates children with speech and language challenges and learning differences in an expansive social environment, through a collaborative evidence-based model recognizing the individuality of each child. We strive to develop a love of learning, friendships, expression, understanding and self-advocacy.


Our vision is to be the premier model of education for children with speech and language challenges and learning differences, in order to:

  • prepare our children to be confident members of their communities
  • shape the way our children are perceived by society
  • build a foundation for life for our students


Children’s Academy was founded in 2009 with the help of Dr. Cecelia McCarton, a renowned developmental pediatrician, and the parent of a child with speech and language delays. Dr. McCarton was searching for a school that could address the unique academic and developmental needs of this child. When no appropriate school was found, it was clear there was a dramatic need for a school that effectively addressed the unique issues associated with speech and language delays. Children’s Academy was created with the intent to provide students, who struggle with speech and language delays, the necessary assistance so that they can succeed in future academic settings.