Children’s Academy was founded in 2009 with the help of Dr. Cecelia McCarton, a renowned developmental pediatrician, and the parent of a child with speech and language delays. Dr. McCarton was searching for a school that could address the unique academic and developmental needs of this child. When no appropriate school was found, it was clear there was a dramatic need for a school that effectively addressed the unique issues associated with speech and language delays. Children’s Academy was created with the intent to provide students, who struggle with speech and language delays, the necessary assistance so that they can succeed in future academic settings. 


Children’s Academy strives to create a safe, nurturing, educational home for all students. Staff treat students with respect and a mutual relationship based on trust and success is formed. We believe that student families are equal partners in the healthy development of our students. As teammates we can:

  • Build resiliency and strength in each student to ensure a lifetime of success
  • Establish an individualized and appropriately challenging educational program that supports our students' unique learning styles
  • Expand students' speech & language skills in an atmosphere of success and joy
  • Promote, nurture, and engage meaningful social relationships, because they are central to our well-being
  • Ensure that families feel valued, supported and understood