Children's Academy parent, Martin Lindberg, is running the NYC Marathon on November 4, 2018. 

Racing through the five boroughs, he is raising money for his daughter Charlotte and her fellow Children's Academy friends. 

Please help support Martin's race and our amazing students.


Donations Received

$50 from Tayfun: “You rock, my dear friend.”

$100 from anonymous

$1000 from Barry and Allison Goodman Foundation

$100 from Bo & Marianne: “Have a great run, Martin! Love, Marianne & Bo”

$100 from Lars & Ingrid: “Good luck Martin and everyone at Children's Academy! Love, Mom & Dad”

$100 from Surya: “Good luck, Martin!”

$100 from Caitlin: “Way to go, Martin! The kids and I are so proud of you, and look forward to cheering you on on Sunday.”

$25 from Frank

$100 from anonymous

$50 from Emma: “Thank you Martin, for all you do for CA & for being an incredible father to Charlotte!! She's so lucky to have you. Will be thinking of you on Sunday!”

$50 from anonymous

$100 from Steven: “Good luck from Jake and Neveah”

$100 from Shane: “Good luck Martin! We'll be cheering for you!”

$50 from Jordan: “You are the best!”

$50 from Milena: “Good luck, Martin!”

$50 from Deb: “With gratitude from Children’s Academy”

$200 from Anne: “Congratulations Martin and Thank you! Mathilde, Olivier and Anne”

$250 from Jane: “Martin, you always go the extra mile! Best wishes for a great run and to Charlotte and her Academy friends“

$25 from Aaron: “Good luck with the run, and best wishes to all the little ones!”

$250 from Nels: “Way to go, Martin!!! Will be following you with great pride!”

$100 from Shezad: “Martin... lycka till!” 

$100 from Jerry: “Good luck, Martin!”

$50 from Robert

$250 from William

$500 from Grant: “An admirable pursuit. Good luck!”

$250 from Eloy: Great man running for a great cause! Best of luck!”

$100 from anonymous

$25 from Karolina: Yes! Rooting for you! This is wonderful. Have an awesome run, Martin”

$250 from anonymous

$50 from William: “Honored to donate; outstanding efforts and achievements.” 

$50 from Ed: “Best of luck, Martin!”

$1000 from George: “Keep up the good work!”

$50 from Thomas

$500 from Mac: “Hi Martin, Have fun running. 27 miles, fantastic! Love, Mac and Anne”

$250 from anonymous

$50 from Vic: “Inspiring us all!”

$100 from Daniel: “Good luck, and best wishes to Charlotte and her friends!”

$1000 from Mark: “Good luck Martin and everyone at the Children's Academy”

$250 from Harvey: “You’re an amazing fellow! Enjoy the run.” 

$100 from Andy: “Great undertaking, Martin. What a Dad! If you feel you are tiring, try to image a fleeing criminal up ahead. Andy and Dominique”

$50 from Dana: “Have a great run!”

$100 from anonymous

$100 from Josh: “26 miles, huh? Better you than me.” 

$100 from anonymous

$50 from Craig: “Run, Martin, Run!”

$100 from anonymous

$100 from Jonathan

$100 from The McNeals: “Fantastic! Go get'em, Martin! We will be rooting for you!”

$100 from Larry: “Good luck Martin!”

$100 from Frank: “Good luck, Martin! Hope you achieve your goal time for the race!”

$50 from Ellen: “Good luck Martin! I'll be sitting on my couch rooting for you!“

$100 from Andrew

$100 from Curt: “Thanks for including me in this worthwhile effort!. Run strong!, Curt”

$50 from Gregory

$100 from Lorna: “Have a great run! THANK YOU Martin. Daisy, Lorna and John”

$100 from Vennette: “Yay Martin! Best of luck from Dylan Lee and Family”

$250 from Anne and Olivier: “Lycka till och tack Martin! Mathilde, Olivier and Anne”

$100 from Melissa: “Thank you Martin! Good luck!“

$100 from Paul: Martin, Good luck! Stefanie, Jane, Lucy, Sara and Paul“