We believe in the potential of each and every student who walks through our doors and we do whatever it takes to help them reach their full potential. 


Our Model

Children’s Academy provides rigorous, language-based learning in small classrooms with low student-to-teacher ratio (6:2:1). A dedicated licensed Speech & Language Pathologist is a part of every classroom’s teaching staff. This ensures that meaningful and therapeutic language assistance is seamlessly integrated throughout the day. Occupational therapy is seamlessly integrated as well into a student's day via individual sessions, multiple weekly groups, and daily push-in sessions alongside classroom staff.  Each classroom has a dedicated occupational therapist to build students' gross motor, fine motor, handwriting, and keyboard/technology skills.

A hallmark of our approach is grouping students into the same skill-based levels for their academic subjects. Throughout the day students are strategically paired with peers at their academic level, not necessarily their grade level. This approach allows staff to meet each student where they are, challenge & push them, and ensure each student learns at an appropriate pace. In addition to the academic benefits, this approach also enhances self-esteem since no student is "pulled out" of class for a given subject.


the breakdown

  • Rigorous, language-based learning in small classrooms with low student-to-teacher ratio (6:2:1). Licensed Speech & Language pathologist (SLP) is part of every classroom’s multi-disciplinary teaching staff

  • A dedicated SLP in each classroom who provides individual and group speech & language therapy as well as support academic instruction across the day

  • In addition to a large sensory gym, Occupational Therapists provide Integrated individual & group OT services

  • An individualized instruction plan is developed for each child with strategies and goals designed to meet the child’s academic and social need

  • Individualized attention within group learning

  • Student specific & appropriately challenging academic curriculum

  • Family & community support

  • Trained staff to address behaviors that may occur with children who have speech, language, & sensory struggles

  • Observational rooms available for families to watch their loved ones learn in class

  • 12-month academic program, 9am - 3pm daily

  • Arts & recreational after-school programming available


Each classroom has highly qualified teachers and speech therapists with advanced degrees and a commitment to helping the students reach their goals. Our intimate student-to-teacher ratio allows our staff to approach each student individually, ensuring they get the most out of their experience at Children’s Academy. 


We know your child can learn when approached the right way. If something doesn’t work, we keep trying until we find what does. 


School isn’t just about academics. Having friends, building confidence and taking risks are important life skills. We take a holistic approach, ensuring we are developing happy and confident students who are prepared for life both in and out of the classroom.


We partner with families to set goals, track progress, and ensure students are learning, happy, and confident. At Children’s Academy, we have an open door policy – all our classrooms are equipped with a one-way observation room so that we can work in concert with families to ensure your child is growing and learning. We work collaboratively with families to ensure learning is seamless between home and school.