Children's Academy parent, Paul Feidelson, is running the Chicago Marathon on October 7, 2018. 

With each step he is raising money for his daughter Jane and her fellow Children's Academy friends. 

Please help support Paul's race and our amazing students.


Donations Received

$500 from Jay & Maxine

$5000 from Coleman Charitable Gift Fund

$180 from Karen

$250 from Sophia & Peter: “Good luck and thank you! Go Paul, Go Children's Academy! Sophia, Peter, Cayla and Paige“

$2000 from Kate & Gregg: “Good luck! Have a great race! We are so proud of you!”

$250 from Kevin: “Paul, You are the greatest husband, father and friend! You are amazing! We love you!!! So proud of you!”

$500 from Thomas: “Fido! Congrats...awesome!!!”

$250 from Sara: “Thank you for all you have done for CA!”

$100 from Fadwa: “Go Paul Go, this such an amazing initiative for the school, thanks for running on our behalf!”

$100 from anonymous

$250 from Charlie: “Good luck Paul!”

$200 from Jessica

$100 from Lorna: “Good luck and THANK YOU! Daisy, Lorna and John”

$100 from Margaret

$10,000 from Greg

$1800 from Stephen Mack and Kelly Mack Foundation

$1250 from Gerald

$50 from Garynn

$25 from Stacey

$100 from Wendy & David: “Amazing what this school has done for all the Feidelsons. Proud to support and glad I'm not the one running. U CAN finish with a PR! Best of luck on Oct 7th.”

$250 from Olympia

$50 from Deborah: “Wishing you luck in the race. Happy to support this cause for your family. Xo”

$500 from Liza: “Run Paul run!! Sending lots of love from our fam to you”

$25 from Isabel: “Team Uncle Paul all the way!! Always here to support Jane and her biggest fans!” 

$100 from Mark: “Great run by a great father for a great cause. Have a great run. Love, Mark and Nicole”

$250 from Colby & Katie

$500 from Georgia

$500 from Marie: “Have a great run! Marie and Ray”

$100 from Anne

$500 from Anonymous

$100 from Dani: “You make me proud, Paul. You got this!”

$250 from Kate: “Rooting for you and Jane! Love, Kate and Tim Ivers”

$100 from Maureen: “Good luck, Paul!”

$100 from Thomas

$500 from Joe & Jen: "Paul, Run like Forest. X & O to Jane. Love Jenn & Joe"

$500 from Leah & Michael

$5000 from Alan: "Gini and I honored to know your family and participate"

$1000 from James: "All the Best to The Feidelsons . Jim and Sandy and family."

$50 from Deb: "Thank you from all of us here at Children's Academy!"

$10,000 Anonymous donor

$50 from Marlene: "Best of luck Paul. From Marlene and Des"

$100 from Martin: "Good luck, Paul! Martin, Caitlin, Charlotte, William and Emma"

$100 from Melissa: "Yay for Paul! Thank you so much for doing this for Children's Academy! Marilla, Holliss, Scott & Melissa"

$250 from Linda: "Love you Paul and Jane! xo Linda and Alex"

$1800 from Bradford: "Go Uncle Go!"

$500 from Nicholas

$2000 from Robert: "Love, Linn, Robert, Max & Laura"

$1000 from Richard

$360 from David: We love you and your entire family Mr. Paul!! Love, Gussy and Big D

$500 from Nicole & Stuart: "You are a great Dad, Paul with an even greater family!! Ride on!" 

$100 from Joann

$500 from Jason: "Love you guys."

$500 from Christopher: "We may be in Chicago on these dates!"

$250 from Ethan: "Good luck Paul! Lots of love, Elizabeth & Ethan"

$50 from Michele

$100 from Linda: "Go Paul - dream big on race day!"

$250 from Richard: "Run Paul Run! All the best to you, Stef, Jane, Lucy, and Sara! Rich, Amy, Remy, Eve, Samantha, and Henry"

$150 from Amy & Brandt: "Way to go, Paul!"

$50 from Cara: "Hope you make your goal and raise lots of money for the Children's Academy!"

$500 from Janet: "Good luck Paul. You and Janie and the rest of your wonderful family are amazing!"

$500 from Allison

$500 from anonymous

$250 from William & Susan: "Wishing you the best in your wonderful capital campaign!"

$1000 from Wendy & Stephen

$1800 from Lawrence: "Wish I could do more!"

$100 from Lisa

$110 from Anne: "Go Paul! Your dedication to and support for Children's Academy are an inspiration to us all. Mathilde, Olivier and Anne"

$25 from Jordan: "Have a great race, Paul!"